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Companion Pet Visits

Zachary's Paws For Healing facilitates visits between hospital patients and their own dog or cat. 

When patients get to see their pets while in the hospital they can benefit from pain reduction, stabilized vital signs, lessens depression and the feeling of isolation.

A patient's pet brings unconditional love and the time spent with their pet takes the patient's mind off the hospital for a time and gives them a sense of normalcy.

Our services are provided free to all patients.

Foster Program

Zachary's Paws For Healing provides a foster program for dogs and cats when patients lack support at home to care for their pets while they are in the hospital.

Many times seniors have already lost their spouse and their best friend and the only companion they have left is their beloved pet.  Young Adults don't always have the support of near family or friends to care for their pet while they are in the hospital.

We work with the patient and their hospital social worker to evaluate the need of care and will care for the patient's pet in a home setting, giving the pet all the love and care their owner would give.

We also arrange for regular visits at the hospital for the pet and its owner.

There is no charge for those on low or senior fixed income.

Therapy Dogs (and sometimes Farm Animals)

Zachary's Paws For Healing visits the Regional Rehab Centre located at the Hamilton General Hospital Campus once per week to take therapy dogs to see the Acquired Brain Injury Patients.  Our visits bring some fun and love to these long-term patients.  They get to pet, cuddle, brush and talk to the dogs. 

If you believe your dog would make a great Therapy Dog, you can contact ZPFH for more information about our Therapy Dog Certification Testing.

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"Following an unexpected stay at St. Joe's recently, instead of immediately focusing on healing, I was concerned only with my
cat, Ruby, who had been left alone after my nasty fall. Two days
after I was admitted, late Friday afternoon, I learned that Ruby
would be cared for.


When I arrived home a week later, I found her safe and sound
and a new litter box and scoop provided, too. Even my mail was collected and some tidying had been done, too!!! I searched for
clues, maybe a bill, a business card, or something to help me
recall the name of my angels.


Time passed and I re-visited with my caregivers at St. Joe's.
Myfirst "to do" was to find out who took care of my cat. I found
out it was Zachary's Paws for Healing!

I can only say
thank you, forever.


According to my doctors my recovery has been nothing short of amazing. I let them think it was all down to them, but we know
the real reason don't we? I will keep in touch and will work in mysterious ways for you, as you did for Ruby and me.  


Zachary was a blessed man indeed!"